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Alumni Spotlight: Ophthalmic Medical Technician Graduate Salma Al Harthi

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Far from Denver, Colorado, Salma found Pima Medical’s Ophthalmic Medical Technician (OMT) program while living in the Middle East in the country of Oman. She travelled with her five children to a new country so she could achieve her goal of growing her medical career in eye health. Learn how her experience touched the lives of others from around the globe. Salma’s story is below.

“I grew up in the Middle East in the country of Oman. After high school I attended an ophthalmic certificate program and for the next 10 years worked in my career at an army hospital. When my boss began encouraging me to continue my education, I researched around the world and found Pima Medical Institute’s Ophthalmic Medical Technician (OMT) program at their Denver Campus. I began emailing people at Pima Medical and they helped me each step of the way. Once I was accepted, I applied with my government and obtained approval to go to the U.S. and THAT is when my journey began.

I am a mother of five children and moving to the U.S., adapting to a new culture, learning to drive a car and not knowing anyone was difficult. But, everyone at Pima Medical was so helpful. When I first started my program, I was very shy and my accent was difficult to understand, but my instructors tutored me and my classmates accepted me. I became more and more confident each day and soon it felt like my second home. When COVID-19 hit, my government required me to go back home. I continued the OMT program virtually until I was able to return to the U.S. to complete my clinicals.

As an Ophthalmic Medical Technician, Salma works closely with patients during the eye exam and performs diagnostic procedures.

Upon returning to Oman, I resumed my job at the army hospital where I became the supervisor of all the technicians. In the future, I will be teaching and training other OMTs in our school. When I returned, everyone wanted to hear about my experience and now several of my colleagues plan to study at Pima Medical. I tell them, “Change comes with being around people who are different than you.” I am so glad I found Pima Medical Institute. It has changed my life.”

You can have an amazing journey like Salma. Whether you’re coming to Pima Medical from another country or a city near one of our campuses, we’re excited to support your dreams and ready to help you take the next step in your healthcare career.

August 6, 2021

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