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Alumni Spotlight: Alicia Wolfe, 2016 Nursing Graduate

Posted: April 26, 2019 by Pima Medical Institute
Photo of Nurse Alumna, Alicia Wolfe
Nurse Alumna, Alicia Wolfe

Alicia Wolfe is a 2016 Nursing Graduate. Wolfe attended the Mesa campus. She says she credits the love and support of the faculty and staff for her success. Hers is a true story of struggle, perseverance and success. Below is Wolfe’s story, in her own words.

I struggled through high school, served in the military, and was a stay at home mom for 10 years. So, when I started Pima Medical Institute’s Nursing program, I was so afraid of failing! I never doubted my capacity to care for others, but I didn’t trust my “book smarts.” In addition, I felt so much pressure to succeed because of the sacrifices our family made for me to go back to school. We struggled financially and moved into a 24-foot RV with 3 little boys while I was in school. It wasn’t easy!

The day after my last class, we sold the RV, loaded up the boys, and moved to Washington State. Within 2 weeks, I had my first job interview. I nailed the interview and passed the required NCLEX exam on my first try, thanks to the extra help and dedication of my instructors!

I will forever be grateful to PMI and the work they do to help students who may not have gotten the extra time and compassion at a community college to be successful. I am currently an RN2 and have just completed my first year with the Washington State Department of Corrections. I’m making good money, love my job, and every day I have inmates thank me for my compassion. I was very well prepared at PMI for the work I’m doing today. If anyone reading this is interested in the RN program, know that even if you don’t completely believe in yourself, the people at PMI will believe in you!

For more information on Pima Medical’s Nursing programs go to pmi.edu/programs.

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