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Alumni Spotlight: Nasiba Tedorova, Respiratory Therapy Grad

Posted: August 16, 2019 by Diane Smith

Nasiba Tedorova is a 2017 graduate of the Mesa Campus Respiratory Therapy program, and this week’s Alumni Spotlight. Read on for her inspiring story that began as a Phlebotomy student at the same campus.

“I was born in Uzbekistan and at age seven my family and I were forced to escape to Russia. We lived as refugees there and life was very difficult. We had no access to healthcare and I was not allowed to go to school past the 9th grade. In 2005, we moved to the United States and, although I struggled with the language and cultural differences, I very much appreciated the opportunities this country provided me. I have been dreaming about working in healthcare since I was a little girl.

My husband knew my dream so he helped me find Pima Medical Institute and signed me up for their Phlebotomy program. My life was changed forever! I was able to get a job at a Level One Trauma Center and help my family. In my position, I was able to observe the respiratory therapists help people and even save lives. So, several years later I came back to Pima Medical and enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy program. English is my fourth language, so it was not an easy journey! Often I was in class all day, cared for my family in the evening and helped my children with homework, and then stayed up all night studying. I wanted to be successful and make my family proud!

I could not have made it and been successful without the help of my Pima Medical instructors. They taught me so much! Today, my dream has come true and I'm so thankful for the support of my family and my PMI family and this country that has given me such a wonderful opportunity! I go to work each day with a smile on my face.”

Nasiba’s inspiring journey shows how much can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. Are you looking for a rewarding career in healthcare? Take a look at all the programs and campus locations available.

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