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MSN Money Announces Top 25 Careers for 2015

Posted: January 22, 2015 by Elizabeth Baker

MSN Money recently released its top 25 careers for 2015, and four of them--dental hygeine, occupational therapy assistantregistered nurse and diagnostic medical sonographer--are taught here at Pima Medical Institute.

The article also lists several other health care specialities as growing career options. It's testimate to the health care field and its overall growth across the United States.

Pima Medical Institute trains dental hygienists at its Albuqurque, N.M., Houston and Seattle campuses. The diagnostic medical sonography certificate program is available at the Houston campus. The nursing program is offered at the Albuqurque, Mesa, Ariz., and Tucson, Ariz. campuses, and those interested in enrolling in the occupational therapy assistant program can do so at the Denver, Renton, Wash., Mesa, Ariz., and Tucson, Ariz. campuses.

To read the article, click here.

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