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Pima Medical Institute Now Accepting Students from Recently Closed Brightwood College

Posted: January 8, 2019 by Diane Smith
Pima Medical Institute is now accepting students from Brightwood College.

Pima Medical Institute is currently working to assist students from recently closed Brightwood College. Advisors are on hand to work with students on transfer credits and any financial aid questions they might be dealing with.

A surprising number of students from Brightwood College are looking to continue their education, and Pima Medical Institute is actively helping those students continue on their path toward a career in the medical field, while also trying to help them lower the cost to complete their education and receive placement services.

“Traditional methods of working with displaced students as transfer students will leave them with more debt, and that’s not what anyone wants,” said Fred Freedman, Pima Medical Institute President and CEO. “These students have had to go through enough as it is, and in most cases will still have to go to school for many more months than they had originally planned.”

Pima Medical Institute is assisting students in Chula Vista and San Marcos, California, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio, Texas, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether it is through helping students transfer, or working to teach out an entire program, this is not unfamiliar territory for Pima Medical. Having stepped in and assisted when other schools closed in the past in Arizona, Colorado and Texas, Pima Medical Institute knows what it takes to help students who may be feeling overwhelmed with an uncertain future.

Freedman added, “We can’t always help, but when we can, it is our responsibility as a contributing and caring member of our sector to do what we can. It’s 100 percent consistent with the culture here at Pima Medical Institute. It’s simply who we are.”

As a result of that culture, as well as positive outcomes, accreditation status and financial stability, Pima Medical continues to thrive and grow. Pima medical has been providing the best value in medical career education for more than 45 years. With 17 ground campuses and an extensive online program, it is viewed as one of the best medical career colleges in the Western United States.

For more information on a campus near you go to pmi.edu/locations or call 1-888-442-5998.

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