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Why Become a Pharmacy Technician?

Posted: July 28, 2016 by June Gudeman

Stephan PangKee has been interested in the pharmacy industry since he was a child. “My grandma had an unfortunate incident, where she was given too much heart medication, which caused a heart attack. That day, I decided I wanted to make sure that never happened to anyone else’s family,” Stephan said.
He decided to enroll at Pima Medical Institute’s Las Vegas campus, where he studied in the pharmacy technician program. He graduated in 2013 and works at the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center.
“I chose Pima Medical Institute because I felt their pharmacy technician program would create a stepping stone and give me the experience I needed to prepare to one day become a pharmacist,” he said. “My experience as a student was excellent; I learned a lot from each instructor and enjoyed every second. All three of my instructors helped me not only become a professional, but become a better person.”
Currently, Stephan is completing Pima Medical’s Health Care Administration bachelor of science degree online. He is a certified pharmacy technician and also earned his associate degree in Health Care Administration from Pima Medical. He plans to eventually become a pharmacist.
“I’ve really appreciated Pima Medical, the knowledge I’ve gained, and all the instructors I’ve learned from. I would definitely recommend Pima Medical Institute to others!”

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