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Hundreds of Graduates Converge for Alumni Event at Pima Medical Institute’s Houston Campus

Posted: March 13, 2020 by Diane Smith
Photo of Houston graduates at the Alumni Event.
Houston graduates at the Alumni Event.

More than 200 graduates of Pima Medical Institute, along with their family and friends recently attended an alumni appreciation event at the Houston campus. This is the second alumni appreciation event since the school opened in 2009. Since that time, more than five thousand students have entered the greater Houston area community of allied health professionals.

Pima Medical Institute is a medical career college and the majority of students who enter a program have a mission. They want a career and they want to be able to get into the workforce quickly. This can be a challenge, as most programs are condensed and demanding and many students have jobs, families and other responsibilities.

Photo of Houston Medical Administrative Assistant graduates at the Alumni Event. Houston Medical Administrative Assistant graduates at the Alumni Event.
“Our alumni are a great example of what to do while attending school, said Phil Heine, Houston Campus Director, Pima Medical Institute. “These graduates took care of personal responsibilities while handling the rigor of their respective programs. That is what I call making it from the starting line to the finish line. That is what I call accomplishment and perseverance.”

One specific graduate is Ava DeGuzman. She went back to school, like many others, because she wanted something more regular than retail and restaurant jobs. She is now a proud graduate of not one, but three programs. She earned her Medical Administrative Assistant certificate at the Houston campus and Health Care Administration associate degree and a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration through Pima Medical online. 

“I wanted to give a better life to my family, my kids,” said DeGuzman. “Pima Medical has taught me a lot. I’ve learned to work with other people; I’ve learned to care about others before myself. I appreciate all my teachers. It was a tough journey, but I loved being back at school and especially enjoyed the online programs. This was my first job in the medical field, and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life.”

The success of students is the key to the success of Pima Medical Institute.

“It really is a pleasure to look out and know that we are doing things in the communities that are meaningful,” said Fred Freedman, President and CEO, Pima Medical Institute. “We want students to come in to our programs and go out in better positions than they were before. Going to school is not inexpensive and we owe it to our students to provide a high-quality education and to assist with job placement, not just now but throughout their careers.”

Freedman added, “It warms my heart to come to events like these and see so many people who have benefitted from what we work so hard to do. Our staff and faculty is spectacular and our Houston team really is second to none.”

Pima Medical Institute is an employee-owned, private, accredited school dedicated to providing students classroom studies paired with real-world training at medical facilities. Established in 1972, Pima Medical Institute helps students become career ready, focusing exclusively on health care professions, including medical, dental, veterinary and nursing fields.

Go to pmi.edu for more information. Find more information on the Houston Campus and the programs offered there. Check out online programs here.

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