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U.S. Army Veteran Embarks on Healthcare Career at Pima Medical

Posted: November 11, 2016 by Elizabeth Baker

Pima Medical Institute’s campuses have welcomed U.S. veterans with open arms for years, providing them with the education they need to break into the healthcare field.
Terry Thomas is no exception. He’s studying to be a pharmacy technician at the Colorado Springs campus after serving in the U.S. Army. He retired in 2005 as a Sergeant First Class.
“When I toured Pima Medical, the staff was kind. If I needed any assistance, they told me I could come to them,” Thomas said.

Pima Medical Pharmacy Technician student Terry Thomas works in the lab. Pima Medical Pharmacy Technician student Terry Thomas, a U.S. Army veteran, is embarking on a new career in healthcare.
Oftentimes, veterans who come to Pima Medical have similar stories. They have left the military and need to start a new career in order to support their families. They’re drawn to healthcare because they have a desire to serve others. Each year, Pima Medical educates hundreds of veterans at its 16 campuses and through its online division.
Thomas story is like many other veterans who have come to Pima Medical. He became interested in healthcare because he too wants to help others.
He deployed 18 times in his 22 years serving in the Army, and sustained multiple injuries over the years. His body, he said, will never be the same. When he decided on the next phase in life, part of his decision was based on what he could physically do. The other part was contingent on improving other people’s lives.
“I like working with people,” Thomas said. The pharmacy technician program seemed like a good fit for him, he said. “I have arthritis in every joint. I was in four different motor vehicle accidents while I was deployed. In one, a vehicle rolled over and I was injured in the knees and hips. I also have a back injury and some internal injuries due to explosions.”
But Thomas isn’t one for giving up. After retiring from the military, he worked as a contractor for several years. He faced some difficulty in finding the right work, so eventually he decided on Pima Medical.
“Things are going to be a lot better once I’m back to work,” he said. “I can’t do the warehouse work I used to do, but I like working with people and helping them get themselves back together. I think the pharmacy technician field will allow me to do that and be less stressful on my body.”
Pima Medical offers the pharmacy technician program at several campuses. The program is approximately 10 months in length and prepares students to work in a variety of settings. Some of those settings include retail or online pharmacy, hospital pharmacies, closed-door pharmacies, where pharmacy technicians prepare medication for long-term and hospice care facilities, mail-order or online medication companies, prisons, and other remote locations, and compound pharmacies, where medications are handmade and not readily available in a retail setting. The program can also train students to work as a pharmacy benefits manager, where they oversee the processing and paying of prescription drug claims for a third-party administrator.
Pharmacy technicians work on a team and serve as the liaison between medical professionals, doctors, pharmacists, insurance companies and patients. To learn more about the program, please visit https://pmi.edu/programs/certificate/pharmacy-technician

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