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Alumni Spotlight: Respiratory Therapy Graduate Felix Marcus

Posted: September 27, 2019 by Diane Smith
Photo of Respiratory Therapy Alumnus, Felix Marcus.
Respiratory Therapy Alumnus, Felix Marcus.

Felix Marcus is this week’s alumni spotlight. He is a 2013 graduate from the Albuquerque Respiratory Therapy (RT) program. He says his decision to attend Pima Medical Institute after more than three decades in construction was life changing.
“I had been running a small construction company for 30 years when I realized I had to make a professional change due to the economy. My wife was taking nursing classes at a local community college and the process was very slow. I wanted to expedite my education. I went to Pima Medical, and after speaking with an admissions representative, felt the Respiratory Therapy program would be a great step towards achieving my lifelong goal of becoming a nurse practitioner.
As I progressed with the RT program, my eyes opened to the importance and benefits of respiratory therapists and how they create a bridge between the doctors and patients. Since completing the RT program, I have continued my education and received a Bachelor's Degree in Extended Care. I am now employed as a respiratory therapist at the University of New Mexico Hospital.
My choice to attend Pima Medical is one of the most important and most life changing decisions I have made within the last 10 years. When my future looked bleak and somewhat questionable, having Pima Medical’s guidance and completing the RT program has given me a new outlook on life.
I now have security and more opportunities than I have had in a long time. Thank you Pima Medical and all of your staff you for all you've done for my family. May you all continue to be a great blessing to others as you have been to me.”
Are you interested in pursuing a career in Respiratory Therapy? Check out all the campuses where the program is available here. You can also call us at 1-888-442-5998 to set up a campus visit.

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