Additional Disclosure Information

Disclosure and Reporting - Radiography

To help you make a good decision about whether to enroll in the Radiography program, Pima Medical Institute wants to inform you of the following information.

Tuition by Location:

Campus : Albuquerque
Cost : $49,817
Campus : Chula Vista
Cost : $48,702.50
Campus : Denver
Cost : $46,180
Campus : El Paso
Cost : $46,180
Campus : Houston
Cost : $46,180
Campus : Las Vegas
Cost : $46,606
Campus : Mesa
Cost : $46,180
Campus : Seattle
Cost : $49,392
Campus : Tucson
Cost : $46,180

Total Program Cost includes textbooks, lab supplies, tax, technology fee, and uniforms.

Clinical Facility / Externship Requirements

Students may be required to travel greater than 60 miles for their clinical externship.
Students may be required to train during evening and/or weekend shifts for their clinical rotations.

Additional Fees

Additional out of pocket costs can range from $200.00 to more than $1,000.00 in fees. All Associate Degree Radiography programs require a background check, drug screen, vaccinations and/or titers, health insurance, and CPR certification. Depending on the clinical facility, students may also be required to register with My Clinical Exchange, purchase hospital required identification badges, and obtain additional background checks. Graduates can expect there to be costs associated with registering for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exam and applying for state licensure.