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Additional Disclosure Information

Disclosure and Reporting - Veterinary Technician
To help you make a good decision about whether to enroll in the Veterinary Technician program, Pima Medical Institute wants to inform you of the following information:

Tuition by Location

Campus : Aurora
Cost : $17,753
Campus : Chula Vista
Cost : $19,755
Campus : Colorado Springs
Cost : $17,475
Campus : Dillon
Cost : $18,297
Campus : East Valley
Cost : $17,475
Campus : El Paso
Cost : $31,500*
Campus : Houston
Cost : $31,500*
Campus : Las Vegas
Cost : $31,574*
Campus : Phoenix
Cost : $17,475
Campus : Renton
Cost : $20,024
Campus : San Marcos
Cost : $19,755
Campus : Seattle
Cost : $20,024
Campus : Tucson
Cost : $17,475
Total Program Cost includes textbooks, lab supplies, uniforms and tax.

Students entering the Veterinary Technician program are required to have successfully completed the Veterinary Assistant program.

*Includes the cost of Veterinary Assistant program

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