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Disclosure and Reporting - Veterinary Technician
To help you make a good decision about whether to enroll in the Veterinary Technician program, Pima Medical Institute wants to inform you of the following information:

Tuition by Location

Campus : Aurora
Cost : $18,713
Campus : Chula Vista
Cost : $21,138
Campus : Colorado Springs
Cost : $18,713
Campus : Dillon
Cost : $20,168
Campus : East Valley
Cost : $18,713
Campus : El Paso
Cost : $34,607*
Campus : Houston
Cost : $34,317*
Campus : Las Vegas
Cost : $34,370*
Campus : Phoenix
Cost : $18,713
Campus : Renton
Cost : $21,478
Campus : San Antonio
Cost : $34,317*
Campus : San Marcos
Cost : $21,138
Campus : Seattle
Cost : $21,478
Campus : Tucson
Cost : $18,713
Total Program Cost includes textbooks, lab supplies, tax, technology fee, and uniforms.

Students entering the Veterinary Technician program are required to have successfully completed the Veterinary Assistant program.

*Includes the cost of Veterinary Assistant program

California Veterinary Medical Board RVT Examination Statistics

The Veterinary Technician Program at the San Marcos campus has been granted initial accreditation by the AVMA Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities.

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