Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) Program

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) Program Details

Additional Program Details

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) degree completion program of study is designed for registered nurses working in the profession to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) through an online learning platform. The program, enhanced with liberal arts and sciences, is aimed to prepare associate degree and diploma nurse graduates for increased responsibility in an ever-evolving health care environment.

The BSN program of study focuses on: theories, concepts, and principles important for development of nursing leadership and management knowledge, skills, and attitudes; evidence-based research analysis and utilization; and pertinent clinical, fiscal, legal, and political trends confronting health care and the nursing profession. The graduate will be prepared to assume roles requiring increased leadership capability and clinical responsibility in the delivery of care to individuals, families, communities, and global populations.

What are the Prerequisites for the Bachelor of Science Nursing degree Program?

  • Already hold and maintain an unencumbered license and be a practicing registered nurse
  • A high school diploma or recognized equivalency
  • Have completed a total of 70 semester credits of specific coursework at the postsecondary level*
*Contact us today to find out if you qualify.

Program Requirements

The program is designed specifically for registered nurses, with tailored curriculum provided by professionals who have years of nursing experience.

Curriculum: What Classes Do I Need to Take to Earn a Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree?

Here are just a few of the classes you will take during the RN to BSN program:
  • Spanish for the Medical Professional
  • Community Oriented Nursing Practice and Global Health Issues
  • Transcultural Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Leadership and Healthcare Management
Does the Program Provide National Certification Exam Preparation?

Graduates of the program are granted a  Bachelor of Science Nursing degree. Graduates from an approved nursing program can apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).

How Long is the Program?

Program Length: Approximately 16 months
Is the Program Available Online?

All classes are taught 100% online, allowing you to balance school, career and personal commitments.

Program Outline
    Theory Lab Extern Credits
Transfer of Nursing Course Credits - - - 42.0
Transfer of Course Credits - - - 12.0
Transfer of Lower Division General Education Credits - - - 16.0
Transfer Totals - - - 70.0
Course# Course Theory Lab Extern Credits
CPT 301 Microcomputer Applications 45 - - 3.0
ENG 310 Technical Writing 45 - - 3.0
REL 200 World Religions 45 - - 3.0
NUR 300 Role Transition and Professional Development 45 - - 3.0
Semester I Total 180 - - 12.0
Course# Course Theory Lab Extern Credits
PHI 301 Critical Thinking 45 - - 3.0
NUR 320 Integrated Health Assessment for the Experienced Nurse 45 - - 3.0
NUR 380 Nursing Informatics 45 - - 3.0
SPA 210 Spanish for the Medical Professional 45 - - 3.0
Semester II Total 180 - - 12.0
Course# Course Theory Lab Extern Credits
MTH 315 Statistical Concepts 45 - - 3.0
NUR 425 Foundations of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 45 - - 3.0
SOC 325 Culture and Human Diversity 45 - - 3.0
NUR 400 Transcultural Nursing Practice 45 - - 3.0
Semester III Total 180 - - 12.0
Course# Course Theory Lab Extern Credits
NUR 440 Quality Improvement in Nursing and Health Care Organizations 45 - - 3.0
NUR 475 Community Oriented Nursing Practice and Global Health Issues 75 - - 5.0
NUR 480 Nursing Leadership & Healthcare Management 90 - - 6.0
Semester IV Total 210 - - 14.0
Semester I, II, III, IV Totals 750 - - 50.0
Program Totals 750 - - 120.0

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