Albuquerque Services & Cost

We aim to keep our costs low to ensure the public can receive the quality dental care it needs. Pima Medical Institute’s Albuquerque Community Dental Clinic operates with two separate fee schedules: Student Clinic and Faculty Practice. Our Student Clinic offers deeply discounted fees for preventative services performed by student dental hygienists under the direct supervision of a licensed dental hygienist and/or dentist. Our Faculty Practice offers both preventative and general dentistry services performed by licensed providers and accepts most dental insurances and Medicaid. Call for an appointment today! 505-875-8555

Student Clinic: No Insurance Accepted

15 Years and Older

New or Returning Patients 
Prophy (cleaning), Exam (with a licensed dentist) and all X-rays
Non-Surgical Perio Therapy
(Deep Cleaning)

Per quadrant at any time treatment is required
(plus a one-time pain management fee of $10, if needed)

14 Years and Younger

New or Returning Patients
Prophy (cleaning), Exam (with a licensed dentist), Fluoride and all X-rays

Other Services

Tooth Whitening 
Includes tray fabrication and bleach cartridges
Dental Sealants
Per tooth at any time treatment is indicated
$11 each

Faculty Practice: Most Dental Insurances and Medicaid Accepted

Restorations (with faculty dentist)
Extractions (with faculty dentist)
Dentures / Partials (with faculty dentist)
Preventative Services: Cleaning/Deep Cleaning (with faculty dental hygienist)
Fees vary based on severity of condition.