Practical Nursing Certificate Program

Get your start in medicine as a practical nurse.

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Delivery Method

On Campus


Course Length

12 Months

Program Objective

This certificate program will give you the skills and knowledge needed to perform the variety of duties required of a successful entry-level practical nurse. At Pima Medical Institute, courses cover many aspects of direct, hands-on patient care. You will also develop the personal and professional traits to improve patient experience and ensure a positive, efficient work environment.

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Careers as a Practical Nurse

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Program Outline

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Sequence I

MTH 127
Med Math
CMT 102
Medical Terminology
HUN 100
ENG 115
Communication and Composition
PSY 120
Human Development Across the Life Span
NUR 104
Strategies for PN Success

Sequence II

BIO 112
Anatomy and Physiology I
NUS 105
Introduction to Nursing and Pharmacology

Sequence III

BIO 113
Anatomy and Physiology II
NUR 150
Elder Care and Nursing Theory
NUR 151
Clinical Foundations of Nursing I

Sequence IV

BIO 116
Anatomy and Physiology III
NUR 160
Adult Medical and Surgical Community Health Nursing Theory
NUR 161
Clinical Foundations of Nursing II

Sequence V

BIO 117
Anatomy and Physiology IV
NUR 170
Maternal Child Nursing Theory
NUR 171
Clinical Foundations of Nursing III

Sequence VI

NUR 180
Pharmacology - Intravenous Therapy
NUR 200
Role Transition
NUR 205
Clinical Foundations of Nursing IV

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Success Is Within Reach

We are truly invested in making sure our students succeed.

Kerrick Ayers
“I believe Pima Medical helped me develop a level of confidence that made a difference in obtaining this position. Recently, I was contacted by another facility and offered a job as another unit manager. I am honored and proud that in such a short time my education and hard work has provided opportunities for growth in my career. Pima Medical prepared me to be successful. The encouragement and support I got from instructors was overwhelming, and it’s an experience I am always going to cherish.”

Kerrick Ayers, Practical Nursing Graduate

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