Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant Program

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Program Type

Bachelor of Science


Delivery Method



Course Length

16 Months

Program Objective

This bachelor’s program is specifically designed for working physical therapist assistants (PTAs) who are interested in completing their bachelor’s degree in order to gain additional knowledge and skills so they can better serve patients and meet employer needs. Courses address advanced foundational, technical and evidence-based topics that enhance professionalism and apply critical thinking, allowing students to go beyond their current PTA training. Course instructors are subject matter experts with years of field experience. As an online program, students can balance school, work and life while advancing their career.

Why Do Students Choose Our B.S. in Physical Therapist Assistant Program?

Careers With a Physical Therapist Assistant B.S.

What Are My Career Opportunities With a Physical Therapist Assistant B.S.?
Physical Therapist Assistant B.S. Career

What Are My Career Opportunities With a Physical Therapist Assistant B.S.?

With a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant, graduates can become leaders in their field, take on increased responsibilities, guide change in their practice and advocate for patients.

Career opportunities include:

  • Higher education, such as Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Leadership and management positions
  • Full-time instructor position in PTA program (state-dependent)
  • Further certifications that require a bachelor’s degree
Job Outlook
Careers With a Physical Therapist Assistant B.S.

Job Outlook

Demand for physical therapy is expected to increase in response to the healthcare needs of an aging population and individuals with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment of physical therapist assistants and aides is projected to grow significantly from 2019 to 2029.

Continued Education
Bachelor's or Masters's Degree Online

Continued Education

Don’t stop at your bachelor’s! At Pima Medical Institute, we offer an online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. Get the skills needed to move up within your field, with the flexibility of virtual instruction. Work on your degree anywhere, anytime.

When you’re a Pima Medical Institute student, you get access to our Career Services team—here for you when you need extra help with finding the right job opportunities, building a resume, strengthening your interview skills or just looking for general guidance.

Program Outline

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Transfer of Credit

15 General Education, 39 PTA, 12 Related Credits

Semester l

ENG 320
Advanced College Writing
CPT 301
Microcomputer Applications
CHM 300
BUS 220
Healthcare Management

Semester lI

SOC 325
Culture and Human Diversity
MTH 215
Statistical Concepts
PTA 315
Exercise Physiology
PTA 350
Evidence-based Practice for the PTA

Semester III

PHI 301
Critical Thinking
PTA 375
Patient Communication, Motivation and Learning
PTA 415
Inpatient Care Practice OR PTA 420 | Outpatient Care Practice
HLT 360
Pharmacology for Rehab Clinicians

Semester IV

PTA 435
Clinical Kinesiology
PTA 460
Practice Specific Rehabilitation
HLT 410
PTA 490
Professional Capstone

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“I met my current husband in the PTA program. I literally opened the door to the lab for him one day and opened the door to a new life. In 2015, my husband and I started an outpatient rehabilitation facility, of which I am the director. It was a lot of hard work and I had to learn all the processes and make sure things were done the right way. But, we continue to grow and we love hiring Pima Medical graduates!”

Carmen Marquez, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant Graduate

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