Student Services

Our dedicated staff provides a supportive environment to help students meet personal and academic goals.

Campus and Community Resources are the Cornerstone of Student Services

Our team of student service professionals are on hand to see students through the challenges they might face during their academic career. We offer guidance and resources to ultimately help build employable medical professionals.

Academic Planning

We are available to help all of our students plan how to make school a priority. This is especially important to our population of first-generation college students.



Our team connects students with an on-campus tutor to ensure they receive additional assistance when needed.


ADA Compliance

We want all of our students to be successful, and inform each on the process to request reasonable accommodations.


Food Assistance

We want our students to be focused on learning, not where they will get their next meal. Our team works to provide those in need with community resources, and also have a food pantry on each campus.


Housing Resources

While Pima Medical does not offer on-campus housing, we can provide our students with resources to assist them in finding a place to live.


Mental Health Resources

Pima Medical has partnered with AllOne Health and offers a Student Assistance program that provides mental health counseling opportunities and 24/7 support through the app.

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