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Colorado Springs

Our Colorado Springs campus opened in 2002.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs

Our Colorado Springs campus, opened in 2002, has been serving the larger Colorado Springs community with advanced dental, medical and veterinary labs and instruction. We are proud that many of our students are military members and their spouses stationed in the area.

This campus offers five certificate programs, two associate degree programs and the Expanded Duties Dental Assistant course.

  • 5725 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 150
    Colorado Springs , CO 80919
  • 1-800-477-PIMA
  • Our Colorado Springs campus is located next to I-25 at Rockrimmon Boulevard and Mark Dabling Boulevard.

Programs Offered On This Campus

Dental Assistant

Program Length: Approximately
9 Months

In this program, students will learn how to work closely with a dental care team to ensure the best patient experience and assist in all phases of treatment, from oral care to administrative duties. Courses will focus on preparing patients for examination, taking X-rays, sterilizing equipment, preparing materials for impressions and much more.

Health Care Administration Certificate

Program Length: Approximately
8 months

In this program, students will learn the personal and professional skills needed to work as an entry-level healthcare administrative assistant. Courses will focus on how to work with medical insurance, triage appointments, assist with reporting and perform billing and coding tasks, among many other responsibilities. With these skills, you can serve as a key member of front-office medical team.

Medical Assistant

Program Length: Approximately
9 Months

In this program, students will learn how to work closely with all members of a medical team, including doctors and nurses. Medical assistants perform a range of clinical and clerical duties and act as a liaison between patients and doctors. Courses will focus on anatomy, routine laboratory procedures and frequent patient care procedures. Pima Medical’s training prepares students to begin working in the field with confidence immediately upon graduation.

Pharmacy Technician

Program Length: Approximately
9 Months

In this program, students will learn how to prepare and provide medications for patients. Courses will focus on preparing medication, compounding medications, interacting with those in the medical field such as doctors and nurses, operating automated dispensing equipment and much more. Students will receive professional and clinical training that prepares them for the daily responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.

Veterinary Assistant

Program Length: Approximately
9 Months

In this program, students will learn how to assist veterinarians with various responsibilities, including administrative and medical duties. Courses will focus on in-office procedures, animal nursing, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, surgical procedures and many other vital elements to a veterinary assistant’s role.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Program Length: Approximately
19 Months

In this program, students will learn how to collect and analyze body fluids and other substances through various tests that help diagnose, prevent, monitor and treat diseases. Courses address phlebotomy, hematology, chemistry, microbiology, immunohematology, as well as OSHA standards and safety protocols.

Veterinary Technician

Program Length: Approximately
18 Months

In this program, you will be able to manifest your animal-loving dreams and work in a field dedicated to animal care. Learn about animal behavior, surgical assisting, testing procedures and more. This program offers a unique blended learning experience, with some instruction conducted online and some in-person. Your hands-on expertise will be gained working in well-equipped animal hospital settings.

Expanded Duties Dental Assistant

Program Length: 40 Hours

The Expanded Duties Dental Assistant course covers expanded duties, techniques, procedures and different applications, which will prepare dental assistants for advanced employment. Expanded skills covered include identifying cavity classifications; packing, carving and polishing amalgam restorations; placing temporary filling materials or ion crowns and more.

Program Summaries

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