Medical Laboratory Technician Associate Degree Program

Break into the field as a medical laboratory technician.

Program Type

Associate Degree


Delivery Method

On Campus


Course Length

19 months

Program Objective

At Pima Medical Institute, this associate degree program will provide you with the clinical and professional skills necessary to work as an efficient and confident entry-level medical laboratory technician. This role requires knowledge of laboratory testing, achieved through hands-on activities and lab exercises that prepare you for testing procedures, safety protocols, universal precautions and personal protective equipment. You will also learn how to differentiate normal and abnormal results.

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Careers for Medical Laboratory Technicians

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Clinical Externships

At Pima Medical Institute, most programs allow students to work in their field through clinical externships—a chance to be mentored by full-time professionals and interface with real patients.

In addition to real-world experience, clinical externships offer students resume-worthy opportunities, letters of recommendation from supervisors and sometimes job placement directly after graduation.

Program Outline

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Semester l

AP 120
Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 123
General Biology
CMT 120
Medical Terminology
MTH 160
Math for Medical Specialties
MLT 101
Introduction to Medical Lab
MLT 112
Instrumentation and Quality Control

Semester lI

AP 130
Anatomy and Physiology II
CCM 116
Communication for Health Care Professionals
CHM 101
General and Organic Chemistry
MLT 122
Microbiology I
MLT 141
Clinical Chemistry

Semester III

CLE 100
Medical Law and Ethics
MLT 123
Microbiology II
MLT 132
Hematology I
MLT 162
Immunology and Serology
PHL 115

Semester IV

CMS 101
Career Marketing Strategies
MLT 133
Hematology II
MLT 171
Urinalysis and Body Fluids
MLT 182
Hemostasis and Coagulation
MLT 201
Immunohematology and Blood Banking

Semester V

MLT 205
Medical Laboratory Review
MLT 210

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Success Is Within Reach

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Medical Laboratory Technician
“Even though the obstacles were great, my family and my instructors made the transition and process smooth and efficient. The MLT program instructors, program director and administrative staff were always available to help with whatever I needed. During my externship, I was hired as a quality specialist for a microbiology department with Infinity Laboratories. I’ve since decided I want more and am hoping to be accepted into a physician assistant program in the near future.”

Sheila Kirkpatrick, Medical Laboratory Technician Graduate

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