Clinical Externships

Find your future in the field before you even graduate.

What To Expect From A Clinical Externship

An Exciting Opportunity

Required for most on-campus programs

Clinical externships are required for graduation from many of our on-campus programs. We include these in our programs because they are prime learning opportunities. Not only will you have the chance to reinforce your classroom skills, but you can also expand your knowledge by working directly with healthcare professionals and serving actual patients.

Some programs include externship rotations

This is your opportunity to ask questions, get exposed to different techniques, strengthen customer service skills and overcome challenges that arise in a real-world environment.

Additional Externship Benefits

What Is Expected of Me?

You can expect your clinical externship to closely mirror your future job in your career field. You will have established objectives to complete, work a designated number of hours, receive constructive criticism and work toward achieving a specific goal. In the case of externships, this means receiving a passing grade from your externship site in order to earn your certificate or degree.

Your externship is also a prime opportunity to showcase your professional skills and standards of behavior, such as punctuality, thoroughness, professionalism, compassion and a positive attitude.


Showcase your professionalism


Showcase your skills


Showcase your positive attitude

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