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5 Reasons Why You Need to Earn Your Pharmacy Technician Certification from a Reputable Institution

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

It takes a science-and math-minded person to be interested in the pharmacy field. And while it may not seem exciting to everyone, especially those who just want to pick up a prescription and be on their merry way, it is exciting to someone who wants to bring out their inner scientist and be able to help people at the same time.

Pharmacy technicians were once required to just have a high school diploma and could be trained on the job. Now, specific states require pharmacy technicians to be certified. You can buy the text book and take the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (CPhT) on your own, but there are many benefits of going to a reputable college or university. By attending Pima Medical, you will not only get the education and hands-on experience you need. You will set yourself apart from the competition in the job market. Plus, by earning your certificate, you have more job opportunities and chances to get a higher paying salary and promotions in the long run.

Check out these five reasons why you should get your pharmacy technician certification at Pima Medical.

1. Learn how to provide superior patient care in our mock pharmacies. You’ll gain experience taking courses in our real-world pharmacy labs, which will prepare you to start your career in a number of different settings such as hospitals, retail clinics, telehealth pharmacies and more. You’ll also learn how to interact and provide patients with their prescriptions.

Inside-1_10Learn how to compound and mix medications.

2. Hands-on experience compounding medications, allowing more opportunities and higher pay. During your hands-on training, at Pima Medical, you will not just learn how to count pills. You will  learn how to prepare a variety of medications such as intravenous medications, compound or mix solutions and operate dispensing equipment. This will set you a part during job interviews as you will have a broader skill set than someone just learning from a textbook.

3. You learn to use software programs utilized to manage and process medications. Technology is constantly evolving and a majority of prescription medications are sent into the pharmacies electronically. Pharmacy technicians need to be able to locate, retrieve, get prior authorizations and record data on these prescription medications when filling them. You will learn and utilize these programs throughout your education at Pima Medical.

Gain knowledge from experienced instructors.

Inside-2_94. Build a knowledge base of pharmaceuticals and math skills. Students learn pharmaceuticals for all of the organ systems of the body including side effects and interactions between them. And while pharmacists do the brunt of the math and pharmacology, pharmacy technicians are called upon to convert measurements and calculate dosages for compounds and injectable medications. Our instructors provide the tools needed to make it easier to learn than just from a text book.

5. Be prepared to sit for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (CPhT). The National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (CPhT), administered by the
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), is rigorous and our nationally accredited and state-licensed program, along with our experienced instructors, will prepare you to sit for the exam and give you the confidence you need to succeed and pass the test.

At Pima Medical Institute, you can begin your career in as little as nine months. With hybrid learning environments and hands-on experience in clinical settings, you will graduate ready to hit the ground running.

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January 20, 2021

Pima Medical Blog

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