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5 Things You Can Do With a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences Degree

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Are you a current radiologic technologist looking to move up in your career? We can help you get there with our online Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences degree. The program is 100% online, so you can continue to balance your personal and professional responsibilities. Plus, it only takes about 16 months to complete.

What benefits can you receive from a bachelor’s degree in radiologic sciences? More than just added education, it could open a variety of professional opportunities. Here are five things a bachelor’s degree can do for your career.

1. Enter new roles:

A bachelor’s degree provides you with the credentials typically required to enter a position as an instructor, or transition into business roles such as marketing or professional advancement in healthcare.

2. Market yourself with a professional portfolio:

Pima Medical’s Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences includes real-world application of coursework through a Capstone Project that allows you to create a professional e-portfolio and profile.

3. Learn leadership and management concepts: 

If you have goals of leadership and career growth, this program will be a great asset. Courses will prepare you for promotions, improve critical thinking and patient assessment skills, and help you to become an even more effective communicator to both your employer and your patients.

4. Create a stepping stone for advanced education:

Earning your bachelor’s degree at Pima Medical will help you achieve the background necessary to complete certifications that require a bachelor’s degree or advance into higher education.

5. Advance your career:

Whether you are looking to enhance your clinical responsibilities, enter leadership positions or diversify into new roles, a bachelor’s degree can allow you to better meet employer requirements and position yourself as a desirable candidate.

Learn more about our 100% online Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences degree program.

April 29, 2022

Pima Medical Blog

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