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Alumni Spotlight: Respiratory Therapy Graduate Steven Johnstun

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

In our alumni spotlight, we highlight Tucson campus Respiratory Therapy graduate Steven Johnstun.  Steven didn’t always know that a career in healthcare was his calling. Now, he’s working at the Veterans Hospital in a supervisory position.

Here is his story.

“If you would have told me six years ago I’d be a Respiratory Therapist in a supervisory position at the Veterans Hospital, I’d never have believed it!

I had been working in construction for a number of years and when things slowed, I decided it was time to go back to school. I found Pima Medical Institute and got excited about the fact that I could start the Respiratory Therapy program right away without any prerequisites. I hadn’t been a great student in high school, but I was focused on my new career and my instructors really helped me. I had a wife and child and worked full time while a student at Pima Medical.  My instructors would see me struggling, they’d offer me tutoring, and if I got behind, they might even give me an extension to finish an assignment. Most importantly, my instructors believed in me.

One of my instructors, Trisa, really inspired me one day when she shared a patient’s story. She was very empathetic and even teared up talking about it. She passionately told us how important it was for RT’s to take care of and stand up for their patients. I remember saying – that’s who I want to be!

During our last semester, Pima Medical set up mock interviews for us to practice in front of community managers. I didn’t think I did very well, but three days later one of those managers called and offered me a position. I did what my instructor had challenged us to do – to walk with integrity and take care of our patients and, as a result, just two years later I was promoted to a supervisory position. Thanks PMI!”

We are so proud of so many of our Pima Medical Institute graduates who are and will continue to be called upon. Is a career in healthcare calling you? Go to pmi.edu to see how you can start on the road to making a difference in a caring and compassionate career.

March 24, 2020

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