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Two Medical Assistant Graduates Share Their Success Stories

Posted: August 24, 2016 by Elizabeth Baker

The medical assistant (MA) certificate program at Pima Medical Institute offers students a way to make a career change within nine months. It’s also a pathway to several other programs at Pima Medical. It serves as a strong platform for those interested in working right after graduation or continuing on with school.  Paul and Christina graduated from Pima Medical’s MA program. After graduation, they took different paths. Both have found success.

Finding the Right Career
Paul gives a patient a shot. Paul gives a patient an injection at his job as a medical assistant.
Paul, a veteran who spent most of his life in the U.S. Air Force, had trouble finding work after leaving the military. After an extensive job hunt, he eventually found one, but it just didn’t pay enough to make the monthly bills.
“We were paycheck to paycheck,” he said. “I was more qualified for something better.” So Paul decided to do just that – make a better life for himself and his family. He enrolled in Pima Medical Institute’s medial assistant certificate program. His training prepared him for work and the program offered him the flexibility he needed to help his family at home while attending school. “After being out of school for so long, things finally fell into place,” he said. “This year has been better than the past several. I had to make a big switch, but it paid off.” After only a few months at his new job, he’s already received a raise and loves what he does.
From Medical Assistant to Health Care Administration
Christina checks a patient Christina checks a patient's blood pressure at work.
Christina made it her goal to continue on with her education after graduating from the medical assistant program. She enrolled in the health care administration (HCA) associate degree program online so that she could work and take care of her children at the same time.
“I’m really enjoying the (HCA) program – especially the administrative side. After I finish with this program, I plan to enroll in the HCA bachelor’s degree program at Pima Medical.” Christina immediately landed a job in health care after graduating from the MA program. She plans to continue working there as she moves forward in school. The MA program prepared her, she said. “I wanted to get in and get going, so Pima Medical was a great choice. The instructors really know what’s out there in the working world. They are always there if you have questions.”
  1. Work alongside doctors and nurses to treat patients of all ages and backgrounds in settings such as doctors’ offices, hospitals or other health care practices.
  2. Record patients’ medical histories, takes vital signs, explains treatment procedures, gives injections, schedules appointments, prepares patients for examinations and samples for lab tests.
Visit Pima Medical’s medical assistant certificate webpage to learn more about the program.  The program is offered at several Pima Medical campuses across the western United States. 

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