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Career Advancement led this Graduate to our Online campus

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Ronald Davis was looking to advance his career, so he enrolled in Pima Medical’s online advanced placement radiography program (now called RAD Bridge.) He had such a positive experience; he decided to earn his bachelor of science in radiologic sciences. This two-time graduate says he recommends Pima Medical to anyone looking to “level up” their skills.

“After several years of working as a LIMITED scope radiologic technologist for my orthopedic group, it was time to figure out a way to make the transition into a FULL scope radiologic technologist. I knew the doctors were planning to expand our practice, including opening an MRI center, and I wanted to be qualified to be part of the growth. I needed a program that would allow me to continue working while attending school and provide the education I would need to become fully certified and earn my MRI certification. That’s why I chose Pima Medical Institute’s online advanced placement radiography (now called RAD Bridge) program.

My experience in the program was great. The admissions department did a great job detailing the highlights of the program and the financial aid office thoroughly explained the cost. I felt supported by everyone during the didactic portion of the program, all the way through my externship, and even after graduation. One thing I appreciated about the program was that the material is so relevant to what you see out in the field. I can’t think of anything we learned where I thought, “I’m never going to need to know this.”

Since graduating, I’ve spent the last seven years working as an MRI technologist. I had such a positive experience and outcome with the first Pima Medical program, I enrolled in the Bachelor’s in Radiologic Sciences program and just finished last year. I would certainly recommend Pima Medical to others. These programs can help you advance and take advantage of opportunities while you are working at your job.”

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August 4, 2023

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