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Educating Outstanding Pharmacy Technicians

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The pharmacy profession is evolving. Pharmacists are taking on a clinical role by dedicating more time to medication therapy management and direct patient care. This has opened the door for pharmacy technicians to increase their responsibility and advanced roles within the pharmacy. It is vital for pharmacies to hire technicians who are up to the challenge, and at Pima Medical, we educate them so that they’re ready.

What makes our graduates stand out in field and why do pharmacies turn to Pima Medical when they are looking to fill pharmacy technician jobs?

Quality education: Pharmacists understand the need to employ technicians who have a firm understanding of math calculations, brand and generic recognition, drug classes, patient safety, and following the rules and regulations set forth by our regulatory agencies. The education our students receive allows them to become a true support system for the pharmacist. Pima Medical students live up to their education by providing that much needed support in the pharmacy.

Excellent customer service skills: Technicians are instrumental in building a return customer base. Pharmacies are competitive and we need to provide the customer service that patients remember. We educate our pharmacy technicians to build relationships with patients while providing them the best possible medication care. Patient-centered technicians go above and beyond, not only with what they say to customers, but how they make the patient feel.

Dependability and reliability: Pharmacies are no longer just filling prescriptions. Today’s pharmacies are providing vaccinations, wellness checks, and medication counseling. Many pharmacies are offering extended hours to help meet the communities’ needs. With increasing workloads, it is vital that pharmacy technicians are dependable and reliable. Being on time, staying the full length of the shift, and staying until the job is finished is a major area that pharmacists struggle with. Pima Medical graduates know that this is an area we reinforce daily in class, and that standard is expected throughout externship and into employment.

Detail oriented: Always making sure the right patient gets the right medication and the right dose, by the right route at the right time (known as the 5 Rights) should be the guiding factor of all technicians. Adhering to the patient’s 5 Rights in everything we do in the pharmacy helps eliminate medication errors. Paying close attention to the many details involved in the day-to-day duties of providing medication services to patients is a highly sought after trait in pharmacy technicians.

Team player: The pharmacy workload flows when every member of the pharmacy works together as a team. Pharmacy technicians play a prominent role in the team dynamic. We should always be striving to work together to provide the best patient care. Pharmacies look for technicians who display a willingness to work within a team setting to achieve mutual goals.

As the profession of pharmacy continues to change, we continue to stay on top of the field by training students as pharmacy technicians that will be tomorrow’s pharmacy leaders.

Jill Aldridge has been the Lead Pharmacy Technician Instructor at the Colorado Springs campus since 2013. She worked in a variety of pharmacy settings before entering into education. After earning her associate degree in Education, Jill found her home at Pima Medical Institute, where she stresses the importance of patient safety and national certification.

October 18, 2016

Pima Medical Blog

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