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From Army Medic to a Master’s Degree. Sierra Jones is on her way to becoming a four-time Pima Medical Graduate

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Sierra Jones took her training from the Army and used it to earn a Medical Assistant certificateat our Colorado Springs campus. But, she wasn’t finished with her education. She’s gone on to complete three programs with Pima Medical Institute and is now enrolled in the 100% online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program.

Here is Sierra’s story in her own words.

“Back in 2012, I was a recently separated army medic veteran looking for a career in the medical field. Pima Medical Institute was a well-known school for having excellent training in the Colorado Springs area, so I enrolled in the Medical Assistant (MA) program. I had the best instructor! She was knowledgeable, patient and cared deeply about her students. As I began working in the field, I found many of my coworkers had also been trained by her and it felt good to know I was working alongside others who had a quality education.

I loved being an MA and found my place working in oncology. Wanting to build on my education, I enrolled in Pima Medical’s Health Care Administration online associate’s degree program and then continued to the bachelor’s program. I was a single mom, working fulltime and going to school and, although it was challenging, I found it to be very manageable. My education helped me understand management’s expectations and the theory, or the “why” behind what I was doing.

Realizing I was having trouble being on my feet all day, I applied for an administrative position, got the job and soon realized THIS is what I was meant to do. After moving further up into management, I knew I wanted to learn additional skills, so I enrolled in Pima Medical’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program. I am only in my first class, but I know I’m going to benefit from this program. I encourage my staff to further their education and I find it helps them to be more confident because they understand the why behind their clinical work.

Pima Medical Institute instructors were knowledgeable, responsive and understanding and I really appreciated the good quality education I received in ALL (soon to be 4) of my programs.”

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February 22, 2022

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