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Her Father was a Doctor and her Inspiration to complete her Medical Assistant Certificate Program.

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Mojda Hooshang used her family as the inspiration for her journey toward a career in healthcare. After completing her Medical Assistant program at the Seattle campus, she went on to earn a leadership role at her job and then came full circle as an instructor in the same program she completed. No matter the challenge, Hooshang is proof you can succeed with hard work and dedication.

Here is her story.

woman in scrubs looking at the camera while holding a dry erase marker up to the white board.
Mojda Hooshang is a 2017 graduate of our Seattle Campus Medical Assistant certificate program.

“When I was 17 years old, I moved with my family to the United States from Afghanistan. My father had been a physician there but had to give up his profession. I have so much respect for both of my parents, for the obstacles they have had to overcome and I wanted to make them proud and pursue a career in healthcare. Shortly after graduating from high school, I found Pima Medical Institute and enrolled in the Medical Assistant (MA) program.

I was still struggling with English and I had some test anxiety, so I loved that the education was very hands on. It was difficult but I had so much support from my husband, my parents and my instructors. At times, I wanted to give up but my instructor was willing to work with me one-on-one and was so supportive. Everyone at Pima Medical was so kind and helped me on my journey.

I received several interviews and job offers and chose a position working in urgent care. I was able to work up to the lead MA and I just loved my job! I came to Pima Medical one day to talk with them about sending us their externs and learned about a teaching position. I am happy to say, I am currently the evening MA instructor at the program I attended and I love it! I am able to provide the same kind of support for my students who are struggling, that my instructor gave to me.

My goal is to continue my education and keep teaching at Pima Medical. I just love my students and it is such an honor to teach them! I am so proud of my job. I am so happy to get up every day.”

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February 17, 2023

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