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Respiratory Therapy Student is Confident about the Future

Posted: January 5, 2017 by Raphael McCreary
Pima Medical Institute Respiratory Therapy student Raphael McCreary volunteered at Champ Camp near Denver, where he taught children how manage their asthma.

At Pima Medical Institute we want to know what motivates students to choose our school and the healthcare industry. By better understanding our students’ motivations, we can continue to provide them with the educations they need to succeed on the job.

Recently we asked a few of our students to tell us, in their own words, why they chose to come here. Here’s what Raphael McCreary had to say. He’s a Respiratory Therapy student at our Denver campus and will graduate later this year.

The decision to become a respiratory therapist for me was simple—I wanted to be a part of a specialized team responsible for the most important function in the human body—breathing. I wanted the diversity of being able to work with patients from all walks of life to help diagnose, treat and manage respiratory problems from the most basic to life threatening. 

In my quest for the best, well-rounded program, Pima Medical Institute came out by far the most highly recommended of them all. To see for myself, I talked to as many people both directly and indirectly associated with Pima Medical, such as hospital managers, current respiratory therapists, students, and everyone in between. I discovered that Pima Medical was not only known for students having the most success in finding careers after school, but more importantly being the best prepared to face various real-life scenarios in the field. 

Pima Medical makes starting school workable for anyone, regardless of age or educational background, by starting with the basics. My first courses covered topics such as patient assessment, cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology, as well as medical terminology.

After the basics, I jumped even deeper into learning about different medications we can give, equipment, treatment options, and how to identify certain cardiopulmonary diseases for adults and pediatrics. Now, after almost a year into my journey, I’m already applying those skills in actual hospitals with real patients and it was easier than I thought.

Along the way I had constant access to some of the top respiratory therapists who’ve worked in all aspects of the field, from premature babies and trauma, to top management professionals. In addition, Pima Medical’s instructors offer a wide variety of teaching methods for all types of students. They provide detailed, one-on-one time, as well as real-world instruction with rich stories and visualizations. The instructors are seasoned experts who’ve been around decades sharing tricks of the trade that textbooks won’t in order to help you thrive once you’re in. 

Instructors go out of their way to make themselves available in whatever fashion students need because many of them were once Pima Medical students themselves and remember the journey and struggles every student faces. They want nothing more than to see each individual succeed. 

Challenging students is why Pima Medical graduates are the most successful and recommended in the field. With my graduation in the near future, I believe Pima Medical will have thoroughly prepared me to not only pass my boards on the first try, but give me the confidence to launch my new career at any respectable hospital of my choice. 

In July 2016, Raphael, along with several other Pima Medical students and instructors, volunteered at Champ Camp, an even that educates children on how to manage asthma and other respiratory challenges.

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