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Pima Medical Institute Mourns the Loss of Jo Ann Luebke

Posted: January 10, 2019 by Diane Smith
Pima Medical Institute's Co-Founder Jo Ann Luebke.

Pima Medical Institute is remembering its matriarch and co-founder Jo Ann Luebke, who recently passed away. Below is an open letter from company Chairman, and Jo Ann’s son, Dick Luebke, Jr.
Jo Ann, together with Dick Luebke Sr. birthed Pima Medical Institute in 1972 on a “string and a prayer.” They had only been married less than a year when they embarked on the very improbable journey. Jo Ann and Dick put together the real life version of “The Brady Bunch,” combining her three kids with his six kids. Looking back, it is crystal clear that without Jo Ann Luebke there would be no PMI today. She was the electricity that motored Dick Sr. Her belief in her new husband was unshakeable and together they made a school that was welcoming of all people. In those early days Dick Sr. was a campus director, financial aid director and admissions director. Meanwhile, Jo Ann was the receptionist, officer manager, book room clerk and placement director.
Jo Ann grew up on a farm in Wyoming and knew the importance of hard work. She had a steely strength and determination that belied her elegant beauty. Jo Ann went to school to become an LPN and her nursing background was instrumental in getting PMI off the ground. Jo’s favorite PMI activity was attending graduation and hearing about students achieving their dreams. This idea of following one’s dreams was a central philosophy she lived by and it was on her voicemail greeting to remind us to do just that.
While at this moment our hearts are saddened by her passing, we are also very grateful that she graced us with her presence all these years.  On behalf of the entire Luebke family, we appreciate your prayers during this time.
Dick Luebke Jr.

We at Pima Medical Institute are grateful to Jo Ann and Dick Sr. A full obituary and more information on memorial arrangements can be found here.

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