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Pima Medical Institute Gets in Shape

Posted: July 13, 2016 by Karen Simpson

The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) launched an exciting national challenge called On the Move in 2016 to encourage physical activity and health. The competition was focused on fueling national corporate health initiatives to combat physical inactivity and initiate behavior change.

More than 80 companies representing almost 80,000 employees participated in the 12-week online challenge spanning April, May and June. Pima Medical Institute participated in the challenge, providing employees with educational resources, behavior change incentives, social support and, of course, movement.

Pima Medical employees smile for the camera after a workout. Employees at Pima Medical Institute's Aurora campus smile for the camera after a workout.
At the end of the challenge, Pima Medical finished at number 28 out of 84 companies that participated in the Large Business category. Employees tracked their activity types, duration and intensity to work toward 100 “move points” each day.

Taking in metrics such as intensity and activity type, the On the Move algorithm encouraged employees to truly move when they wanted, how they wanted and how much they wanted to reap all of the rewards of an active lifestyle.

More than 500 Pima Medical employees participated in all sorts of activities, from hula hooping in the halls, to walk breaks, fitness breaks and even after work hiking and walking.  Requests for standing desks increased during the competition as well.

When asked about the main goal of the challenge, Ryan Picarella, President of WELCOA responded, “We knew that people sitting at their desks all day was killing them and that workplace cultures were suffering along with employees. On the Move is designed to build a culture for more movement into an organization. We thought, why not start a movement where employees can move when they want, how they want and how much they want and get credit for all of it?”

Here’s a brief breakdown on some of Pima Medical’s top On the Move performers.

Top 5 Participating Locations:
  1. Aurora Campus
  2. Houston Campus
  3. Colorado Springs Campus
  4. Pima Medical Institute Tucson Corporate Division
  5. Albuquerque West-Rio Rancho Campus
Top 5 Participating Employees:
  1. Lori VanValkenburg (Houston Campus)
  2. Allen VanValkenburg (Houston Campus)
  3. Carolyn Queen (East Valley Campus)
  4. Pratima Sampat-Mar (Online Learning Division)
  5. Jennifer Blomberg (Renton Campus)

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