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Renton Campus Medical Assistant Graduate Provides a Better Life for his Family

Posted: June 17, 2016 by Elizabeth Baker

Like so many other Americans in 2009, Moses Union found himself without a job during the Great Recession. He was working in Redmond, Wash., in the construction business when he was laid off.
“I’d always been in construction. I had no idea what I was going to do. I was married at the time, and a good friend of my wife’s had gotten her certification in phlebotomy at Pima Medical Institute, so I decided to go down there and check it out.”
What started out as just an idea ended up paying off for the now father of three. Moses decided to enroll in the Medical Assistant program at Pima Medical’s Renton, Wash., campus.
“I’d always been interested in going into the medical field, and I’d tried previously but was unsuccessful. When I went for a visit (to Pima Medical), they let me try on the scrubs, and I saw what the possibilities were.”

Moses Union poses for a photo with his family. Moses Union, a Pima Medical Institute graduate, poses with his wife and three children.
When Moses first started classes, he was nervous. He’d never been “good at studying,” he said. “I wasn’t successful in high school. I felt like I was never good at anything.”
His instructors encouraged him to work hard, and soon he started seeing positive results. But life threw him a curveball in the middle of school—a baby—who was born shortly after he graduated. At first the anticipation was stressful, but Moses knew—he had to succeed now more than ever.
“The thing that drove me to be successful—my ‘why’—was fatherhood. It was such a turning point in my life. It wasn’t just me anymore. I was responsible for someone else and if I’m not successful at this, they’re going to be directly affected by that.”
Moses Union with his wife and children. Moses Union, his wife, and three children, play in a park.
With his “why” always in mind, Moses studied and excelled. He learned as much as he could, and once he obtained his first job, he was able to apply all his new skills. Since graduating in 2010, Moses has been promoted several times and is a manager at a medical clinic in Seattle. For a time after he started working, he was a single dad, but he eventually remarried. Now he’s a father to his son and step-dad to two other children.
“If I hadn’t gone to Pima, these doors wouldn’t have opened for me. I wouldn’t be this successful if I hadn’t made that decision.”

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