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Briceldo Rosas Sets his Sights on one Goal: Providing for his Daughter

Posted: June 16, 2017 by Elizabeth Baker
Briceldo Rosas works at the pharmacy technician lab at Pima Medical Institute.
Briceldo Rosas gets hands-on learning experience in the Pharmacy Technician lab at Pima Medical Institute's Colorado Springs campus.

Briceldo Rosas knows what it’s like to go without as a child – without a dad around, without the money needed to cover life’s necessities. Growing up in Orange County with a single parent, he watched his mother struggle to provide.

“I grew up impoverished most of my life,” he said.

To escape that life, he joined the military, where he spent six years working as a generator mechanic in the Army. It provided some opportunity, but it wasn’t his calling, he said.

Then, only six days before his military contract was about to expire, his daughter, Raelynn, was born.

That’s when he vowed his daughter’s childhood would be different than his was.

“I don’t want my daughter to know the struggle,” he said. “I want her to have what she needs all times.”

After he left the military, he took a manual labor job, but he quickly realized it was going to wear him out, he recalled.

“So I decided to utilize my GI Bill and started looking at schools. I’d never had interest in the medical field, but I came into this with an open mind,” he said.

Rosas looked at several schools and through his research, discovered Pima Medical Institute in Colorado Springs, where he lives. He toured the campus and was introduced to several programs, including the Pharmacy Technician program.

“I told them, I’m not good at math. As it turns out, I’m actually OK at it. I found out about the Pharmacy Technician program and thought, I can do this,” he said.

Rosas enrolled in February and has enjoyed the program so far. He’s learning things he “had no idea about,” he said. “It’s really interesting how the body works and how it reacts to drugs.”

Jill Aldridge, CPhT, Lead Pharmacy Technician Instructor, has also inspired him, he said.

“She’s absolutely amazing. I’ve never had a teacher like her before. She is able to explain things – dumbs them down without making us feel dumb,” he said with a laugh. “I can understand what she’s saying. Her knowledge is incredible.”

Rosas will graduate from the program soon and would like to work for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

“I’d like to possibly work on one of the bases here. I would prefer to be with veterans,” he said.

He feels ready to enter the profession, he said. “I definitely think I’ve grown and my patience helps out with that. I can now ask for help and not be ashamed of it. I’m not afraid to ask.”

Rosas’ main priority is providing for his daughter after he graduates. “I have to make things better for her and I,” he said. “Growing up without a father, I know it’s important to have a dad.”

Visit Pima Medical Institute’s Pharmacy Technician program page to learn more about enrollment, requirements, classes and career options.  The program takes approximately nine months to complete and includes an externship at the end, where students get hands-on experience at a pharmacy. 

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