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Choosing a Career Education does not Mean Saying Goodbye to the College Experience

Posted: June 6, 2019 by Diane Smith
Photo of Phoenix campus students at Spirit Week.
Phoenix campus students at Spirit Week.

Making the choice to pursue a career in technical education does not mean you have to say goodbye to an engaging college experience. Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) student Kaleen Langford is here to set the record straight. She says her experience at Pima Medical Institute’s Phoenix campus is one that is setting her up for success, and creating relationships that will last a lifetime.

Photo of Phoenix Diagnostic Medical Sonography student, Kaleen Langford. Phoenix Diagnostic Medical Sonography student, Kaleen Langford.
“Not only do you have the support here while you’re in your program,” Langford said. “Here at Pima Medical, instructors support you throughout the entire process, into your externship and even on to your entry to the workforce. You never lose the connection, or the support.” 

Langford added, “I actually wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I got here, and it’s been amazing. My relationship with my instructors is supportive. They have faith in my abilities, and are constantly motivating me to succeed.”

Langford will graduate soon from the DMS program, which is an intensive associate degree that requires a lot of study and hands-on training. Despite all the hard work, Langford has also found time for some extracurricular activities. In addition to focusing on her education, she is the captain of the student fun committee called the “Stu Crew.” In her role, she leads the organizing of campus events like the recent spirit week on campus.

The end of spirit week culminated with a campus-wide carnival for students, faculty and staff to let loose and have a little fun including a dunk tank where students could take their best shot at the faculty members willing to brave the icy water.

“Make no mistake, we work very hard here at the Phoenix Campus,” said Stacey Nottingham, Phoenix Campus Director. “We also believe in empowering students and staff to find creative ways to award the hard work and success. That’s why the Stu Crew was developed, and I believe it’s making a very positive impact here with students, faculty and staff.”

That is a sentiment Langford echoes.
“There’s a big misconception that if you go to a career college, or small college, that you don’t get to be involved as much,” Langford added. “I’ve made more connections, in just the six months that I’ve been here than I believe I would have in an entire program at a traditional college or university.”

Pima Medical’s Phoenix campus offers Dental Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Sterile Processing Technician and Veterinary Assistant certificate programs as well as Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Surgical Technology and Veterinary Technician associate degree programs. Those interested are encouraged to stop by and see for themselves what an education at Pima Medical Institute is like.

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