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Deborah Riemer Named Online Education Director at Pima Medical Institute

Posted: June 4, 2019 by Diane Smith
Photo of Online Education Director, Deborah Riemer.
Online Education Director, Deborah Riemer.

Pima Medical Institute has officially announced Deborah Riemer as its new Online Education Director. Riemer brings with her more than 20 years of experience, including time spent in IT, curriculum development, assessment and more than two decades spent in the for-profit sector. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Capella University as well as a Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University.

Riemer says she’s excited to get started at Pima Medical and is looking forward to joining a team that matches her approach to broaden the reach of quality education through innovation, technology and student-centered frameworks.

“The foundation is already set,” Riemer said. “Pima Medical truly does live and breathe its mission. People here care about the students, they care about each other and they care about the quality of the student experience, and it shows in the outcomes.”

Those positive outcomes were highlighted in a recent report by the Chronicle of Higher Education. In that report, Pima Medical Institute ranks #3 among 4-year, for-profit institutions with a 73% on-time graduation rate. The on-time graduation rate is an important metric – meaning students are successfully completing their classes and sticking with their program.

With so much experience and a focus on innovative learning, Pima Medical Institute President and CEO Fred Freedman saw Riemer as the ideal candidate. “Her resume alone is impressive,” said Freedman. “Add to that her experience in the sector, as well as leadership roles in planning, execution and outcomes of students, and we knew she was the perfect addition to our team.”

Despite the success of the medical career college and it’s rich 47-year history, Riemer says she’s not resting on her laurels, and that creating and expanding upon sustainable learning experiences are always at the forefront of her efforts.

“I see so much opportunity here,” she said. “From organizing the operational aspects of the program to optimizing the quality of the education, as long as we keep the student at the center of our plans, I see us doing great things, and I see a tremendous amount of opportunity for growth.”

Riemer cautions that growth, while exciting, must always be approached with responsibility. For example, not all students perform best in an online only program, while others prefer that method of learning.

According to Riemer, “It’s really about understanding what makes sense in a face-to-face environment and what makes sense in an online environment from a student outcomes perspective, blending the two is also very important when you have the opportunity.”

Riemer says she sees the opportunities at Pima Medical as endless, and she’s ready for the challenge ahead.
“As far as I’m considered, the sky is the limit at this point,” she said.

To learn more about Pima Medical institute’s online degree programs, or its ground campuses go to pmi.edu or call 1-888-442-5998.

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