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Spotlight: Paramedic Program Director Quinn Bowyer

Posted: May 20, 2020 by Diane Smith
Photo of Mesa Campus Paramedic Program Director, Quinn Bowyer with students.
Mesa Campus Paramedic Program Director, Quinn Bowyer with students.

Quinn Bowyer, the Paramedic program director at our Mesa Campus, joined the Pima Medical team in 2018. Bowyer started his career in California, and after a particularly intense call for a choking child who he and his team were able to help, he knew he wanted to make his job, a career.  

According to Bowyer, “the parents came out to see us as we were getting ready for our next call, there were lots of tears, hugs and thanks, and at that point I realized I need to take this a step further.”

And take it further he did. After completing paramedic school, Bowyer worked for several years out in the field, often in the areas where others didn’t want to work. Places where there were a lot of calls and a lot of action. After moving into teaching, Bowyer and his family decided to escape the hustle and bustle of California and he found his way to Pima Medical Institute – and his current role as program director. The current program is an associate degree program and is enrolling now.
Students beginning their education in semester I must obtain Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification by successfully passing the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification examination at the EMT level before proceeding to semester II. Students who can provide evidence of a certificate/diploma from an approved EMT program and hold a current EMT license may be eligible to enter the program in semester II.
According to Bowyer, completing the program is just the beginning. Bowyer wants students who are not only ready to learn, but understand that this is the start of a life-long career of learning.
“You’re learning starts here,” he added. “When you graduate that’s when the real learning begins. Any paramedic will tell you that paramedic school is probably one of the hardest things they’ve ever done, but the first two years of being a field paramedic are even harder. You are the person in charge. You are responsible for that patient and you are accountable for everything that you do – good and bad, and you have to own it. We want our students to continue to educate themselves.”

Bowyer is also very proud of the level of hands-on learning the students in this program receive.
“It really harnesses that critical thinking,” he said. “The hands-on learning allows that to really develop. A lot of what we do really is fast-paced and quick decisions are based off education experience. We need them to harness those critical thinking skills.”
The level of education, hands-on learning and culture of Pima Medical Institute is why Bowyer made the decision to come to Arizona. He says those things are also why students should choose Pima Medical for their Paramedic associate degree program.
“I think Pima Medical offers a unique opportunity for paramedic training,” Bowyer said.  “Sure, we have a nice facility, great equipment, high fidelity mannequins. But, I believe it’s the culture of the school that is worth coming to this program. From the resources we have available, to the amount of energy our instructors put into matching the energy of our students, it’s the success of our students that really drives us. We want them to succeed, not just in their class and their credentialing, but also in their careers.”
That doesn’t end when they earn their degree. “Graduates of our programs have the opportunity to come back for future education and career placement opportunities – we really are a family.”
Classes are enrolling now. For more information go pmi.edu.

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