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Fred Freedman, Pima Medical CEO, Reflects on the Year and Holiday Season

Posted: November 22, 2016 by Fred Freedman

Happy Thanksgiving to all! It seems that every year around this time we say, “I can’t believe how quickly the year has come and gone.”
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and at most of our campuses, the autumn colors have already peaked, the leaves have fallen and the scent of change is in the air. After the whirlwind year, we welcome the opportunity to take a deep breath, pray and give thanks.
During this month of Thanksgiving, I have reflected on the things I am most grateful for. In addition to family, friends and good health, primary among them is Pima Medical Institute’s talented staff and faculty, and its exceptional students and alumni. The work you do to make our company among the best in the United States is inspiring. Without your commitment, creativity and high standards, we would not be the trusted, respected and preferred institution that we are.
Pima Medical Institute will celebrate its 45th anniversary next year. That’s about twice the age of the millennials making up the vast majority of our student population and a high percentage of our employees. We have a rich company history, founded on the principals that everyone deserves a chance to live up to their potential. Our responsibility is to provide our students a vehicle to get there.

We all play a role in our thriving organization and welcome the trust our students bestow upon us. This trust and responsibility can at times feel overwhelming, but upon reflection, it’s truly an honor to assist the more than 10,000 new students each year—and the over 100,000 graduates we’ve educated since 1972. Pima Medical has helped them fulfill their dreams and become proud role models for their families.
Our future remains bright; our collective efforts remain at the core of Pima Medical’s success and our shared optimism is how we continue to serve our students and benefit in Pima Medical’s growth. Let’s all look toward the future, while staying true to the founding vision of the Luebke family of achieving greatness, not by being the biggest, but by being the best.
It is time to give thanks and celebrate how fortunate we are to work for this dynamic organization. May you and your families enjoy a Thanksgiving filled with abundance, shared moments and fond memories, and may God continue to bless you.
With immense respect and appreciation,
Fred Freedman, Pima Medical Institute CEO and President
Fred Freedman
Pima Medical Institute President and CEO

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