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Pima Medical Institute Continues Ongoing Strategy to Secure High-Tech Teaching Tools

Posted: November 7, 2018 by Diane Smith
Photo of Anatomage Table in a classroom setting.
Anatomage Table in a classroom setting.

Pima Medical Institute President and CEO Fred Freedman and his Education team recently attended the Arizona HOSA Fall Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference, comprised of high school students currently studying healthcare career courses, offers the opportunity for them to network with professionals in the fields they want to enter as well as provides education symposiums that help develop student leadership, professional and career skills. 

Pima Medical Institute, which has an educational partnership with the East Valley Institute of Technology, was on hand to talk with students and meet with businesses offering new learning tools. Pima Medical is always exploring innovative ways to increase the value of its medical career education and conferences like this provide a great opportunity to see those tools in action. One of the tools Pima Medical Institute is considering for its 17 campuses is the Anatomage Table. Anatomage and Pima Medical Institute met specifically during the HOSA convention so that the Pima Medical team could see the Table in action and see the students’ reaction to its capabilities.  Needless to say, the Anatomage booth was very popular.

Photo of Anatomage Table. Anatomage Table
The Anatomage Table is touted as one of the most technologically advanced virtual dissection tables for anatomy education. The Table’s life-sized display, clinical content and renowned imaging software separates it from other anatomy education tools on the market.

“Cadaver dissection is the traditional way of learning anatomy, however many schools do not have the availability or resources for a cadaver lab, said Jack Choi, CEO and Founder of Anatomage. “To address this we created the Anatomage table to offer the most accurate cadaver dissection experience without a human cadaver. Our reconstructed digital body allows students an experience with stunning visual details and educational efficiency.”

More than just dissection, the Anatomage Table provides a hands-on opportunity for students to learn the human body, learn anatomical terminology and gain a deeper understanding of key concepts. Students can apply knowledge rather than just recall facts.

 “At Pima Medical, we are regularly evaluating technology and teaching methods to enhance the student learning experience, said Freedman. “We want our students to be prepared for the real world the moment they leave their program. Cutting-edge learning technology like Anatomage, takes the abstract and makes it real. This is just another tool to help our students thrive in their chosen field.”

“Medical career colleges like Pima Medical Institute are a natural fit for our technology,” added Choi.  “Pima Medical’s history of quality medical education, mixed with our state-of-the-art technology just makes sense.”

Pima Medical Institute, has been educating students and preparing them for meaningful healthcare careers for more than 45 years and is known for the hands-on learning and real-world settings it provides its students.  Pima Medical prides itself on offering the best learning experience possible to its students. With more than 120,000 graduates, Pima Medical continues to be viewed as one of the top healthcare career colleges in the Western United States.

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