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Medical Assistants and Medical Administrative Assistants Keep us on Track

Posted: October 21, 2014 by Elizabeth Baker

At Pima Medical Institute we train students to become skilled medical assistants and medical administrative assistants so that doctors can know with confidence they are hiring highly capable staff members.

Medical assistants work alongside doctors, nurses and other health care providers. They help with a variety of duties, including documenting a patient’s medical history, recording vital signs, explaining treatment procedures to patients and preparing them for exams. Their career is hands-on and focuses on patient care.

Medical administrative assistants are generally the first person a patient meets when visiting a doctor’s office. They ensure the office operates efficiently. They don’t work directly with patients, but instead greet them, book appointments and provide other assistance. They are trained to complete important jobs, such as working with electronic health records, performing medical billing and coding tasks and assisting doctors with reports.

At Pima Medical Institute, students can enroll in the medical assistant (MA) and medical administrative assistant (MAA) programs at multiple campuses. For more information visit Pima Medical's MA and MAA program pages.

In Colorado Springs, our medical assistant student Maria Ramirez became interested in attending Pima Medical Institute when her sister enrolled.
Medical assistant student Maria Ramirez checks blood pressure

“When my sister applied to Pima, I was with her through the whole process, which inspired me to go back to school. Pima was my choice after listening to my sister share her experiences with our family. Listening to her excitement finally convinced me,” she said.

“My time at Pima has been great. Learning to draw blood, take vitals, give injections and other hands-on work are my favorite activities. I get really excited when I think about my externship and I can’t wait to celebrate my graduation in a month. All this effort and experience has been to better my future and the future of the most important little person in my life, my daughter.”

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