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National Vet Tech Week Kicks off Today

Posted: October 13, 2014 by Elizabeth Baker

Today kicks off National Veterinary Technician Week. To celebrate all the work they do to take care of our furry best friends, we will feature stories about Pima Medical Institute students and graduates who work with animals on a daily basis.
At Pima Medical Institute, we offer an associate degree to become a veterinary technician and a certificate to be a veterinary assistant.
Both careers focus on the well-being of animal patients. Veterinary technicians are animal nurses. They are dedicated professionals who care for animals through specialized knowledge of animal behavior and care, surgical assisting, laboratory testing and nursing procedures. It’s common for those who become a vet assistant to move on and become a vet technician.
Veterinary assistants play an important role in animal health care. They assist in surgeries, clean animals’ teeth, help with nursing duties, administer medication and much more.
Our vet tech program is offered at nine of our campuses: Aurora, Colo., Colorado Springs, Chula Vista, Calif., Houston, Las Vegas, Renton, Wash., and Seattle, East Valley, in Mesa, Ariz., and in Tucson, Ariz.
We offer the vet assistant certification at Colorado Springs, Chula Vista, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Renton, East Valley, Seattle and Tucson.
Both the vet tech and the vet assistant, along with the veterinarian, are the people who keep our companions healthy. At Pima Medical Institute, we teach compassion as well as medical skills, so that graduates are highly qualified to treat each animal they see.
Students also learn how to care for big animals, such as horses, as well as exotic animals.

Vet assistant graduate Kyle Haugan checks the heart rate of a dog
One recent graduate that cares for animals on a daily basis is Kyle Haugan, who finished his vet assistant certification at our Seattle campus this summer. Kyle enrolled at Pima Medical after experiencing a work-place injury at a former job. After recovering from the injury, he enrolled and obtained a multitude of skills and excelled at his externship.  
Kyle learned aseptic techniques required for surgical assists, animal nursing and laboratory procedures. He also received training in standard computer skills and professional office procedures.
Before even completing the program, Kyle was offered two different employment opportunities in Washington State. He ended up accepting a job in July as a vet assistant at in Okanogan, Washington.
Kyle truly enjoys his new career – which would never have happened if it weren’t for the injury he sustained while moving a washer and dryer. Now he gets to heal sick animals each day. 

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