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Pharmacy Technicians Play a Vital Role in Patient Care

Posted: October 28, 2014 by Elizabeth Baker

One of the most critical aspects to good health care is receiving the proper medications. Doctors prescribe them, but it’s the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who make sure patients receive the proper dosages and have a full understanding of how to take them.

At Pima Medical Institute, we train our students to be highly skilled pharmacy technicians. In the classroom and the lab, students blend medicine, math and chemistry, which prepares them in a number of ways. Once in the workforce, our graduates provide medication to patients, mix intravenous solutions, ensure the correct dosage and amount of medication, manage patients’ prescriptions and much more.

We offer the pharmacy technician program at many of our campuses, including in New Mexico, Colorado, California, Texas, Nevada, Washington state and Arizona.

One of our Colorado Spring pharmacy technician students, Janicolle Ortega-Lopez, decided she wanted to study the subject because of her interest in medicine.

Pharmacy technician student Janicolle Ortega-Lopez works in the hands-on lab

“When my brother and sister were diagnosed with conditions that left them both taking medications for the rest of their lives, I became interested in knowing what prescriptions they had to take and details about each medication, such as side effects, dosages and what they do to help,” Ortega-Lopez said.

She enjoys learning, especially about the human body and becoming an expert in the common drugs we each take every day.

“I have learned so much and it’s exciting to keep learning. I’ll be graduating in May of 2015 and I hope to get a job as a pharmacy technician at one of the military hospitals or a veterans’ affairs pharmacy.”

To learn more about Pima Medical Institute’s pharmacy technician program, visit it online.

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