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Tifney Ryals took her Veterinary Technician Career to the Next Level

Posted: October 20, 2016 by June Gudeman

Tifney Ryals, a veterinary technician instructor at Pima Medical’s Aurora campus, knows first-hand how an associate degree can help elevate a career. Read about her experience as a Pima Medical Veterinary Technician student below:
“I was working at a veterinary clinic for seven years where I’d started as a receptionist and worked my way up to the senior veterinary assistant. I was even the trainer for interns and new employees.

When I applied for the position of practice manager I was turned down. I knew the missing piece in my career was education, so I headed to Pima Medical Institute. I had trained students from many different colleges over the years and it was clear PMI students were more willing to learn and came with more hands on experience. I didn’t need to do any research to know I wanted to attend Pima Medical.

Tifney Ryals works with an animal in the Pima Medical veterinary technician lab. Pima Medical Institute Veterinary Technician Instructor, Tifney Ryals works with an dog in the hands-on lab at the Aurora, Colorado, campus.
The veterinary assistant part of the program came easy for me since I’d already been working in the field. During this time I really enjoyed mentoring and helping my fellow classmates. I even jokingly told the instructor she should hire me to teach.

Shortly after I graduated from the veterinary technician program and passed my boards, the program director invited me back to Pima Medical to assist her with a lab. At the end of the lab she informed me I’d just finished a job interview and offer me a position as an instructor.

I love my job teaching at Pima Medical! It is really rewarding to be able to pass my knowledge on to someone else. I’m still doing some relief work and keeping my skills up to par. In the future I’d like to continue my education.”

Pima Medical offers the Veterinary Technician associate degree and Veterinary Assistant certificate program at multiple campuses, where students receive hands-on, daily learning under the instruction of experienced faculty.

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