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Sterile Processing Technician Spotlight: Devan Dosch

Posted: October 19, 2018 by Diane Smith

Sterile processing technicians play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness, functionality and inventory of healthcare instrumentation and equipment. Their work ensures that patients avoid infections and that doctors, nurses and allied health professionals are able to access the instrumentation and equipment they need immediately.

Sterile processing technicians are responsible for sterilizing instrumentation and equipment and are often the unsung heroes of the healthcare team. Devan Dosch is a graduate of our Phoenix campus and says Pima Medical’s training changed his and his family’s life for the better.

After years of working manual labor out in the hot Phoenix sun, I came to Pima Medical Institute looking for a new career. When they told me about the Sterile Processing Technician program and I realized I could do behind the scenes hands-on work that was valuable to patients in the hospital. I knew I had found the right place for me. 

The program was challenging, but not too difficult and my classes included a lot of hands-on learning. They did a great job preparing us for what we would face at our clinics in the hospital. The process of finding a job was pretty easy. The hospital where I completed my clinicals wanted to hire me, but I had applied a number of places and when Children's Hospital offered me a position, I took it. I really enjoy my job. Each day is different as we rotate through instrument decontamination or sterilization to packaging and delivering instruments to the operating rooms.

I make way more money, I'm in the air conditioning all day and I am making a difference. Plus, I can take this skill set with me to almost any city and get a job. Once my kids are out of school, I'm considering taking some travel technician jobs and living in different parts of the country. In the meantime, I plan to continue to learn and get more certifications. I'm very happy with my new career. Thanks PMI!

Learn more about Pima Medical’s Sterile Processing Technician program. Certificate programs are available at our Albuquerque West, Denver and Phoenix campuses.

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