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Pima Medical was the Fresh Start this Veterinary Assistant Graduate Needed

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Rene Jackson tried a traditional university approach right after high school and found it wasn’t a good fit. After years working in retail and restaurant management, he decided to take his wife’s advice and look into Pima Medical Institute. It turned out to be just what he needed.


Here’s his story.

I attended a university right after high school, but I was immature and didn’t do well. Consequently, I dropped out and paid student loans for years. I worked in retail and restaurant management, often working 2-3 jobs at a time, when my wife, who happens to be a Pima Medical graduate, really encouraged me to consider going back to school. I began to consider Pima Medical’s Veterinary Assistant program because it would give me an opportunity to work with animals.

One day I walked in to Pima Medical to pick up some information and ended up enrolling in the Veterinary Assistant program. My class schedule allowed me to continue working while going to school. It was difficult and I had to overcome a lot of self-doubt. I was 27-years-old and felt like I was starting over, but the instructors were really helpful, and the creative, hands-on projects made it interesting and helped me feel prepared. Besides the Veterinary Assistant curriculum, we were taught valuable skills like resume writing and professional etiquette.

I am currently enjoying working at Blue Pearl Veterinary Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant. It is a fast-paced, intense atmosphere and I am exposed to many different procedures. I have the opportunity to listen to the doctors, view x-rays and ultrasounds over their shoulders and learn more each day. I am working on getting to the top of my game as a veterinary assistant and then plan to progress into the Veterinary Technician field.

The hands-on, personal attention and challenging curriculum I was exposed to at Pima Medical helped prepare me to be a professional. My education was second to none.


Get started now and see what your future holds!

August 26, 2022

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