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Pima Provides Purpose

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Group of students in their scrubs giving each other a group high five.In January of 1972, Richard Luebke Sr. (known as Senior) and his wife, JoAnn, founded Pima Medical Institute to cater to the need of healthcare education in the Tucson, Arizona area. Ever since then, we’ve grown to 17 campuses and a robust online division. The Luebkes based their success on the approach of always putting people first. They knew firsthand the struggles most of their students faced as they had to support a family of nine themselves. Senior’s philosophy was “to treat people right, give them value for their money and seek out people of honesty and integrity to become the backbone of his professional family.” To this day, you will often hear employees and students say, “Pima Medical is like family to me.”

And to stand by our founder’s philosophy and mission to improve the quality of people’s lives by providing the best value in medical career education, we decided to build upon that.

Phlebotomy graduate posing with a sign that says “Another Pima Medical Grad Hired”.While learning more about our students throughout the years, we found that there is not just a need to offer healthcare education, but to provide student support. We found that we needed resources to help students overcome obstacles that were holding them back from starting toward their dreams of working in the medical field.

To help bring them relief, we set up resources for:

  • Hardship
  • Childcare
  • Tutoring
  • Food banks
  • Mental health services
  • Job placement assistance through our Career Services Department
  • Academic planning
  • Housing resources
  • ADA Compliance


From the moment students come to a campus until the moment they graduate and move onto their careers, we will always be ready to assist in whatever they need. Even if you haven’t attended our school in years and are looking for a new job or need additional assistance, once you’re a part of our Pima Medical Family, you will always have our support.

Student smiling at the camera in blue cap and gown and wearing sunglasses.


For guidance and resource information, check out our support services or contact us today.

July 28, 2022

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