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Program Director, Dr. Lisa Schmidt Named to Radiologic Technology Certification Committee

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Dr. Lisa Schmidt, Ph.D., RT(R) (M), ARRT, CRT has been named to the Radiologic Technology Certification Committee (RTCC). The RTCC was created to assist, advise, and make recommendations for the establishment of regulations necessary to ensure the proper administration and enforcement of the Radiologic Technology Act. The committee is comprised of medical professionals from various areas of expertise, and Dr. Schmidt is one of two radiologic technology professionals.  The RTCC performs a valuable service to the California Department of Public Health Radiologic Health Branch (CDPH- RHB), which is the California regulatory agency that oversees Radiologic Technology programs and other imaging activities in the state.

Dr. Schmidt is a senior Radiologic Technology Program Director, located at the Pima Medical Institute (PMI) Chula Vista, California campus. She began her career with Pima more than 21 years ago as a member of the faculty at the radiography program located at the Tucson Campus. In 2001, she relocated to San Diego and built the program for Pima Medical in Southern California from the ground up.

Dr. Schmidt has been involved in policy and regulations throughout her career in the radiologic sciences. In addition to her new role on the RTCC, she also currently serves on the board of the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).

“I’ve always enjoyed drafting policy and reviewing regulations,” Dr. Schmidt said. “I’ve spent time being active within our profession by serving on various California subcommittees appointed during meetings with the RTCC and also here at PMI, to include working in tandem with our regulatory department.  During my tenure as program director I’ve conducted mentoring of new program directors, advising them of our polices, various state regulations, and the JRCERT Standards.

Dr. Schmidt says that because Pima Medical Institute has worked hard to maintain a stellar reputation, her involvement with the RTCC is also important for the institution.

“Our representation showcases that we not only follow the rules, it demonstrates our activity within accreditation and regulations,” Dr. Schmidt added, “This also raises the bar for me, the faculty and staff at PMI Chula Vista.  We see firsthand how important it is to meet all the standards and set an example, not just for our students, but for all other colleges and universities in our sector.”

She adds that it is important for program directors from all educational sectors and the health related professions to get involved.   “I think it’s crucial for program directors to be active.  My advice is for program directors to learn to become site visitors, or to be active within state and national societies.  Working with and learning regulations and policy, you gain a grasp of understanding the accreditation standards and state regulations.”

“Dr. Schmidt’s nomination and appointment to the RTCC is a testament to her dedication to Pima Medical and her profession,” said Lou Osborn, Chula Vista Campus Director. “Dr. Schmidt’s work here at the campus and her role on the RTCC helps give us an inside track to making sure we stay on the forefront of what is happening, and helps us set an example for other schools.”

In the US, California has been at the forefront of radiation safety and protection, with the RTCC providing oversight and guidance towards the use and application of ionizing radiation.  “Imaging is heavily regulated, for good reason,” Dr. Schmidt said. “We are dealing with ionizing radiation – and our students might not initially understand that.   Therefore, we follow California Title 17 and JRCERT Standards; both are designed to ensure radiation safety remains a high priority for medical facilities and educational programs.   It’s important we make certain our students are staying safe, both within the classrooms and in the hospitals where they are being trained.”

In addition to the Chula Vista Campus, Pima Medical Institute offers the Radiologic Technology associate degree program at its campuses in Albuquerque, N.M., Denver, Colo., El Paso and Houston, Texas, Las Vegas, Nev., Mesa and Tucson, Ariz., and Seattle, Wash.

Get more information on the Radiologic Technology Program, or call us at 1-888-442-5998.

May 23, 2019
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