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Program Director Spotlight: John Streit, BSRT

Posted: September 27, 2018 by Kasey Bowser
Photo of BSRT Program Director, John Streit
BSRT Program Director, John Streit

Meet John Streit, Pima Medical Institute’s Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (BSRT) program director. He has been the BSRT program director for more than two years now and one of his favorite mottos to tell students is “Why Not Pima?”
Streit’s journey with us first began in 2006 as a student in our respiratory therapy program at our Denver campus. After Streit graduated, he went on to work at the Children’s Hospital in Denver as well as with the American Heart Association.
During his tenure, he decided he wanted more from his career. That’s when he decided to come back to Pima Medical to get his BSRT. In 2010 -2011, he was one of the first to go through the online program.
Photo of BSRT Program Director, John Streit at American Lung Association John Streit at the American Lung Association
“After graduating in BSRT, I found a passion in public health with the American Lung Association and decided to go on to get my master’s degree,” Streit said. “And now, I’m in the final stage of completing my doctorate in education.”
Streit feels that the BSRT program is great for students looking to further their careers in management or supervisory roles. “Some students want to move into management or are already in management and have to get the bachelor’s degree in order to keep their job,” Streit said.
As it turns out, one of Streit’s students who went through the BSRT online program, is now a teacher in the program.
“What sets us apart from other colleges is that students just aren’t a number,” Streit continued. “There’s an excellent support model and instructors and staff are invested in their students’ success."
The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (BSRT) degree is ideal for individuals who are looking for advancement in their careers. The program is offered online, making it convenient for students to continue working and take care of their families while they go through the program. To learn more about the BSRT program, go to PMI.edu.

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