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She Built a Solid Foundation with her Medical Assistant Certificate from Pima Medical

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Sharmaine Bondoc began pursuing her bachelor of science in nursing, after she built a foundation at Pima Medical’s Seattle campus in the Medical Assistant program. She says the guidance and support helped her gain the clarity she needed to move toward a career in nursing.

“Being Filipino, I felt like everyone expected me to become a doctor or a nurse and although I was interested in the medical field, I did NOT want to be a nurse. A friend recommended Pima Medical Institute and after speaking with my advisor, I enrolled in their Medical Assistant (MA) program. I had the best experience at Pima Medical! The structured set up helped me be organized and I became a straight A student who never missed a class. Everyone there was genuine and responsive and I received excellent hands-on instruction.

I felt very prepared for my externship at University of Washington where I was able to get experience in several different specialties. They even offered me a position, but I had plans to move back to LA to be near family. Once there, I had no trouble obtaining an MA position in pediatrics at Comprehensive Community Health Centers. I am in the third semester of my bachelor of science in nursing program at West Coast University. How did this happen you may ask? Well, I had a ‘moment.’ My visual picture of nursing has always been pushing a patient’s wheelchair. I had this dramatic moment during the last week of my externship when I was asked to push a patient to another department, which required crossing a sky bridge. As I was slowly pushing him over that bridge, I just stopped and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I want to be a nurse!’ This patient had no idea how he changed my future. Now, my actual goal is to be a missionary nurse for children in Southeast Asia.

I’m so thankful for Pima Medical. Their guidance and instruction gave me a foundation for my medical career. I will always boast about my time at Pima Medical. They really do change lives!”

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March 25, 2022

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