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This Pima Medical Graduate is a Health Care Triple-Threat Thanks to Her Multiple Degrees

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Elizabeth Medina began her health care career journey with Pima Medical’s Pharmacy Technician program at the Tucson campus. After graduating in 2013, she went on to earn her associate and bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration. Her ultimate goal- health care leadership and changing the world.

“I was fresh out of high school, looking for a career in either business or health care. Accompanied by my parents, I visited colleges and universities, but none caught my attention like Pima Medical Institute. Not only did I sense a welcoming atmosphere and enthusiasm for its students, I found the Pharmacy Technician program to be a perfect starting point for melding features of both business and health care.

As a student at Pima Medical, I was surrounded by supportive and knowledgeable staff and faculty. Through classroom discussions and interactive activities like roleplaying, I was able to practice the needed techniques to be able to excel as a Pharmacy Technician. I obtained a job at the site where I practiced my externship. Within six months of graduation, I decided to continue my education through Pima Medical’s Online Health Care Administration associate degree and, later, bachelor’s degree. I was able to develop a great professional and personal network through the online programs and forums.

Upon graduating from the bachelor’s program, I decided to take advantage of Pima Medical’s transfer credits and enroll in Grand Canyon University’s Master of Business Administration program. I have recently completed this degree with distinction, and I am currently applying for administrative positions at the top hospitals in the nation so that I might fulfill my goal of becoming a leader in the health care industry.

This may be a lofty goal, but with the foundation Pima Medical helped me develop, I believe that I am more than up for the challenge.”

Are you ready to make change in the world? Whether you’re looking for a certificate program, or want to advance all the way through a Master’s program, Pima Medical has you covered.

October 7, 2022

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