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4 Places a Veterinary Assistant Can Work

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Veterinary Assistants have more job options than you may realize. Especially when you have a certification and background that includes hands-on training. Students learn a number of skills in our program including, animal nursing, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging and surgical procedures. These skills will give you an advantage when applying to jobs as well as give you more confidence in caring for animals when you start your new career.

pima-medical-ev-ponies-5_insetStudents have many opportunities to work with many types of animals as a Veterinary Assistant.

But, where do you start when looking for a new job as a veterinary assistant? Check out these career options below.

  1. Animal Shelters or SPCA. Caring for abandoned or stray animals can be very rewarding. Working for a shelter or the SPCA gives you opportunities to work for all animals by educating the public on animal needs, fighting for animal rights and more. Your job duties may include, restraining animals, administering medications, maintaining the animals’ medical files, providing daily care and assisting with medical inventory.
  2. Veterinary Clinics or Animal Hospitals. As a veterinary assistant, you are an animal health professional who makes sure things run smoothly throughout the day at a hospital or clinic. Your duties may include booking appointments, assisting with diagnostic imaging, educating clients on proper diet for their pet or aftercare from treatments and any other clinical procedures the veterinarian or veterinary technician need assistance with.
  3. Zoos or Wildlife Care. Can vet assistants work in zoos? Yes, they can! Veterinary assistants will have a variety of tasks while working in a zoo or wildlife care facility. These tasks include cleaning, feeding, watering, exercising and/or training the animals under the direct supervision of one or more higher-ranking zookeepers, veterinary technicians or veterinarians. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of animals, such as exotic animals, reptiles, large to small animals and more.
  4. Pet Nutrition Brand or Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company. Veterinary assistants can take a different route and work as a sales representative within the veterinary community. To pursue this type of career, you would need to know about proper nutrition, diets, vaccines, parasites, disease control, pharmacology, medical conditions and problem solving and customer service skills. The veterinary assistant program gives you the basic knowledge you need of the veterinary industry to obtain this type of role. This kind of job is rewarding since you will provide the products that help keep animals healthy to live longer lives.

Whether you want to raise awareness and volunteer at a shelter or you picture yourself being more hands on with medical care at a clinic, hospital or zoo or not hands on at all and working in sales, the right training in our veterinary assistant program could be for you.

April 26, 2021

Pima Medical Blog

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