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6 Benefits of a Medical Billing and Coding Career

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Every doctor’s office, hospital and clinic has a medical biller and coder working on the administrative side of the medical team who ensures that medical procedures are coded accurately so insurance companies and healthcare providers are being compensated correctly. From documenting codes that associate with everything done in one visit to determining the cost of the treatment and who should pay, a medical biller and coder’s job is crucial to the patient and the healthcare team by making sure everything goes through the system smoothly and efficiently.

The medical billing and coding career is a stable career and is growing quickly. It’s becoming one of the most sought-after jobs in the healthcare industry due to the number of benefits it has. Check out six of them below.

  1. You can work remotely. While many medical billing and coding jobs are in a physician’s office, hospital or clinic, a number of work-from-home opportunities are becoming more popular. This gives you more flexibility with your schedule and saves you time and money with your daily commute and gas.
  2. It’s a rewarding career. Medical billing and coding specialists don’t have direct patient contact, but they do make a difference ensuring the healthcare facilities are running smoothly. Plus, medicine is becoming more reliant on accurate data to improve the outcomes on patient healthcare, making it crucial in medical research. Being the link between the doctors and the insurance companies also makes this a rewarding career.
  3. Freelance and contract job options. Freelance and contract jobs are great for someone looking to work part time or for someone who wants more flexibility with their schedule. Seasonal job options, special projects and filling in for staff are some great opportunities for freelance and contract work.
  4. You never stop learning. New technologies and software developments are being created consistently in order to improve the healthcare industry standards of care. The medical biller and coder must evolve with the changes to maintain their value as an employee and grow in the field. You will always be learning something new, no matter how long you’ve been working in your career.
  5. Career advancement opportunities. When you gain more experience as a certified medical billing and coding specialist, you have valuable skills and knowledge needed in the many healthcare business and administration roles. These can include practice management, medical auditing, compliance, teaching and more. There are also specialized certifications that you can earn to expand your education and advance your career.
  6. Earn your certification quickly. Our Medical Billing and Coding program only takes about nine months to complete. We offer it as a blended program so you can get real-world experience in our labs and the online learning flexibility at home.

Would you like to consider a medical coding and billing career after seeing all of these great benefits? Take that first step and get started today!

July 21, 2021

Pima Medical Blog

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